Microsoft BuildXL Installer

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Currently, BuildXL is under development, so it is unstable. Please use this software knowing that it may have bugs and errors.

Current version: 0.1.0-20201107.0 (uploaded 11/12/2020)


Download link(s):




Note that you may see SmartScreen when running the installer. Just ignore it, I promise it is safe.

How do I download BuildXL Installer?

It is easy. Just click on the text label in the 'Download links' section with the name "BuildXL.Setup.x.x.x-xxxxxxxx.x.msi" and enjoy your download!

I have followed the step above but I CANNOT download BuildXL installer.

Then go to this link and search for your download.

I visited your downloads website but I STILL CANNOT download BuildXL installer.

Then check again for every folder in the link I have given above and if you still cannot download the installer, please contact me through contact page.

How can I download previous versions of BuildXL?

Currently, due to server limitations, you can't. If you want to mirror my downloads, please contact me through contact page and then I may include your downloads link in this page.