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What is Microsoft BuildXL?

Microsoft Build Accelerator (also known as BuildXL) is a build engine developed to perform lots of builds at the same time (Microsoft says that you can run 30,000+ builds per day).

Build accelerator can improve speed of multiple build languages, including:

  • MSBuild
  • CMake (under development)
  • It's own language: DScript
  • This software has got a command-line interface and cannot be integrated with Visual Studio

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    What is BuildXL Installer?

    BuildXL has not got a compiled version or an installer, originally. For that reason, William Kent wrote a WiX script, so you can create an installer for BuildXL. I've modified it and added/changed some things, to make it easier to install/upgrade/uninstall. And that modified script is what I am publishing in this website. If you are interested, you can visit the downloads page here.

    How can I install BuildXL on my system?

    You can install BuildXL like any MSI installer. You download the installer and follow the easy installation steps. If you already installed a previous version of BuildXL, it will uninstall the old version before installing the newer one. To uninstall BuildXL, you can remove it through Control Panel.

    What are the system requirements to install BuildXL?

    I do not know it very well, but I think you need this:

  • Windows x64 bits
  • .NET Core (and I think you'll also need .NET Framework)
  • If you know about another system requirement, please contact me through feedback page.

    Can I view the source code of the modified installer?

    Yes! You can download and visit it through


    I would like to thank Microsoft and William Kent (on GitHub) for creating BuildXL and it's installer and publishing them for free.